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Commercial Properties

5 Things You Must Know About Managing Commercial Properties

Managing a commercial property is a very tough task. In fact, not all property management companies in Santa Monica will agree to manage a commercial property. Most of them prefer the management of residential properties to commercial properties because of the requirements of the later. Managing commercial properties require a lot of work. Since most […]

property management company in Studio City

When Should You Hire a Property Management Company in Studio City?

Though Studio City has a population of about 40,000 residents, it still boasts of many commercial properties and many renters looking for commercial properties to lease or rent. If you have any commercial property in Studio City, you should consider hiring Property Management Company to run the property for you. Property managers deal directly with […]

property investors in North Hollywood

Four Tips For New Landlords and Property Investors in North Hollywood

Landlords and property investors in North Hollywood have unique opportunity to make the most from their properties, they also face unique challenges. If you are a new land landlord or property investors, it’s a good idea to acquaint yourself with laws regarding the industry especially if you plan to manage the property without any help. […]

Property Management Company in West Hollywood

What Can Property Management Company in West Hollywood Do for Me?

There are usually two kinds of people that run commercial properties in West Hollywood. The first is usually the owner of the property. If an owner decides to run the property, he will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the property which includes; scouting for new tenants, doing background checks, responding to queries, collecting […]

property manager in North Hollywood

Six Ways To Be A Good Property Manager in North Hollywood

North Hollywood is one of the most competitive areas when it comes to buying and selling houses and property management. If you want to become a good property manager in North Hollywood, you have to be ready to compete with established managers and then show Landlords and property owners the reasons why they should choose […]

Straight Talk: Showing a House With Tenants Still There

Read This Before You Buy a House in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is one of the most prestigious places to buy a house in the US. Houses in this place don’t come cheap. You will have celebrities and some powerful businessmen and women as neighbors. Houses in this area are also perfect for entertaining and for raising a family. Before considering buying a house in […]

lease agreement

Top 10 Terms You Must Define In Your Lease Agreement

When you agree to have a tenant lease your property, there should be a set of well-defined rules that will guide your new relationship. These rules are known as a lease agreement or rental agreement. A lease agreement is a legal contract between the tenant and the owner of the property (landlord). It is also […]

eviction mistakes

Top 7 Eviction Mistakes You Must Avoid

One of the toughest jobs of a property manager is evicting a tenant that defaults on his rent. Failure to pay rent is one of the major reasons for evicting tenants in Los Angeles. You must be very careful when you are about to evict a tenant, one wrong move can delay the eviction and […]

rental property

5 Proven Ways to Attract Families to Your Rental Property

Are you looking for ways to attract families to your rental property? We’ve gathered 5 proven and cost-effective ways you can do that. These tips will not only guarantee you have families checking out your property, it will also enable you to get them to rent the property while you spend only a few bucks […]