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What Do The Best Commercial Property Managers Do in Los Angeles?

Managing a commercial property is a lot different than managing a residential property or a multi-unit building. At Los Angeles Property Management Group, we have a leasing agent who is dedicated to our commercial properties. If you’re wondering why you might need professional property management for your commercial space, there are a few specific things […]

How to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Los Angeles Residential Investment Property

First impressions are always important, and that’s why having maximum curb appeal is critical for your residential investment property in Los Angeles. Whether you are renting out a single-family residence or a multi-family building, the outside of that property will help swing prospective tenants your way if the outside of your property is appealing. Simply […]

Your Tenant Stopped Paying Rent – What Next? Advice for Your Los Angeles Investment

When you’re placing a tenant in your property, you’re looking for someone who will take care of the home, pay rent on time, and follow the terms of your lease agreement. One of the best ways to avoid evictions and late-paying tenants is with thorough tenant screening. However, sometimes even the best tenants have financial […]

Should You Require Renter’s Insurance? Property Management in Los Angeles

Renter’s insurance is an affordable way for tenants to protect themselves and their belongings while living in your property. If you’re a landlord in California, you should include the requirement in your lease contract that your tenants buy and maintain a renter’s insurance policy for the term of the lease. Author LAPMG View all posts

Dog bites at your Los Angeles Rental Property

When your tenant’s dog bites, are you liable? Los Angeles, CA

Good question. Pretty much every carrier will refuse to insure a Los Angeles home if the occupant owns an aggressive breed of dog. Pit-bulls, Rottweilers, Presa Canarios, Dobermans and Akitas are on pretty much all carriers’ lists of unacceptable breeds. Most carriers will Author LAPMG View all posts

Do I Need Landlord Insurance? Los Angeles Property Management Advice

Homeowners who decide to move out of their property and rent it out to tenants need to switch their insurance policies. A homeowner’s insurance policy only covers you when you are the owner and occupant of a home. Once you move out of the property and turn it into an income-producing business, you need to […]

Property Management LA: How much does property management cost in Los Angeles, CA?

When looking for property management in Los Angeles, one factor you’ll consider is cost. And when asking property managers how much they charge, remember that you want to compare services as well as costs. So, how much does property management cost in Los Angeles, CA? To start, let’s just consider how much it saves you […]

Handling Hazardous Materials in Your Los Angeles Commercial Property

Storage and use of hazardous materials is always a big concern for anyone providing commercial property management in Los Angeles. This is usually a big issue for dry cleaners, auto body shops, gas stations, and other commercial enterprises that regularly come into contact with hazardous materials.  Anyone who manages a personal property needs to know […]

Guide to Enforcing Repairs in Your Los Angeles Triple Net Lease

Commercial maintenance can be expensive, whether you own a warehouse, an office building, or a retail shop. When you have a Los Angeles triple net lease, your tenants are responsible for all of those repairs. The problem is that most tenants don’t make the repairs they’re supposed to make according to their lease. Author LAPMG […]