Rental Property Maintenance

A property management company is only as good as its maintenance effort. Our fully operational in-house maintenance team allows us to do more to benefit you than a company that hires out all repair work to vendors. We have vetted technicians ready to deploy at any given moment and can guarantee far more transparency. Here at LAPMG, we commit to the following practices to ensure that our maintenance branch delivers unparalleled service.

We Do Maintenance Right the First Time

A management company’s callback rate tracks how often they have to send their team back to a property to redo a repair they already performed. In the name of tenant satisfaction and efficient use of our team’s man hours, we keep your callback rate close to zero.

We Seek the Harsh Truth

Feedback from the residents we serve at a unit level helps us guarantee that our technicians are courteous with tenants, and efficient from the moment they walk through the door. We send a survey to the tenants of every single unit we make repairs on, no matter how small the fix. We want to know exactly how well they think we’ve served them. This helps us improve our service, and it also lets them know that they have a voice in our process.

We’re Licensed as General Contractors

Our license number is 1050649. We research your area-specific ordinances to ensure that all of our maintenance work is entirely legitimate.

Our Property Managers are Certified By Manufacturers

Property managers should be specifically licensed by the manufacturer whose product they use for repairs. We’re certified by Polyglass, the brand of silicone coating we use to weatherproof flat roofs. This shows clients that our maintenance team is so dedicated to thorough work that major manufacturers are willing to vouch for us.


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    We Emphasize Preventative Maintenance

    When we sign on a new client and they request preventative maintenance, we work with them and show them exactly where we’ll spend the money. For instance, in one specific home, we plan to spend $27 re-caulking the base of toilet on the second floor every six months. Why? Because if any gaps open up between the toilet and flooring, water can penetrate the subfloor and wind up damaging drywall downstairs on the first floor. The $27 the client spends now will save them hundreds of dollars on the damages that could result from doing nothing.

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    We Document Everything

    We encourage tenants to file their maintenance requests through our online portal with as much detail as they can include — instead of just reporting a leak, we ask that they report what’s leaking and what they think the source might be. We have them take photos and send those too, so that we’re highly prepared and appropriately equipped for the job well in advance. We also require all of our technicians to take both a wide-shot photo and a zoomed-in one of the issue before and after performing the repair. These measures may seem extreme, but we want our clients want to know exactly what they’re paying for.

    Streamlined, thorough and effective — these words describe our maintenance work, as well as our company as a whole.

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