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Six Tips for Collecting Feedback from Renters

Six Tips for Collecting Feedback from Renters

Six Tips for Collecting Feedback from Renters A key part of operating a successful rental business is to understand your demographic. This means analyzing the competition, collecting feedback, and making ongoing improvements. Maybe your rental unit isn’t doing so well or a multi-family home is leaking money, every business will run into problems. The million-dollar […]

Furnishing Tips for Rental Properties to Attract Long-Distance Movers

Top 5 Mistakes Owners Make In Property Management

by David Crown After being in the business for over 30 years, I’ve seen owners and their property management companies make just about every mistake in the book. I’ve even made half of them myself. Anyone who has experience with management understands just how hard it is to serve so many different parties, including but […]

A group discussing sustainable practices in property management

Sustainable Practices in Property Management

Sustainable practices in property management encompass a broad spectrum of strategies aimed at reducing environmental impact and promoting long-term viability. From energy-efficient building design to waste management initiatives, integrating sustainable practices is a priority! Sustainable building design Using eco-friendly materials such as recycled steel and bamboo, properties can minimize carbon footprint. For instance, buildings certified […]

death of a tenant

How to Handle the Death of a Tenant

Be Sensitive, and Be Careful When Dealing With The Death Of A Tenant If there’s one thing most San Fernando Valley landlords and property managers fear to deal with, it is the death of a tenant. Unfortunately, most owners and managers in don’t have a clue how to handle such an event. When you experience […]

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The Pros And Cons Of Artificial Intelligence In Property Management

Originally Published in Forbes on May 23rd, 2024 by David Crown I was in a meeting with our team leaders this week when someone mentioned that we were bringing back an old weekly newsletter that promotes and celebrates one employee whose work stood out during the week. The last author of the newsletter was one […]

East Coast vs. West Coast Rentals: A Property Investor’s Guide

Starting real estate investing is thrilling but can be a lot to take in, especially when looking at the East Coast vs. West Coast. Each area has its pros and cons, like population density, job opportunities, potential rental income, and tax implications. Knowing these differences helps you succeed, get the most from your investment, and […]

Healthy Communication 101: How Landlords Can Strengthen Their Relationships With Property Managers 

The average salary for a property manager in Los Angeles is around $58,970. Being a property manager is certainly a financially-rewarding pursuit, although it comes with its fair share of pressure and responsibilities. Fortunately, a manager can take a share of the load and help you look after all aspects of your property, from finding and […]

Leveraging Property Management To Increase The Sale Value Of Commercial Property

Originally published in Forbes on Nov. 12, 2021 By Kyle Crown Commercial property managers conduct business in the present tense. Most of our work has to do with reacting to the needs of property owners in real time. However, as a commercial property owner with the benefit of a property manager at your disposal, you should […]

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How to Handle Subletting and Roommate Changes in Rentals

As a landlord, navigating subletting and roommate changes in rentals can be challenging, but also an opportunity to maintain a positive landlord-tenant relationship while ensuring the property remains well-maintained and profitable. Understanding the legalities, setting clear guidelines, and fostering open communication are key to effectively managing these situations. This guide will explore practical tips and […]