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The Real Estate Market Forecast—And What It Means For Rental Owners - Forbes April 28, 2022
For 30 years now, I’ve been a student of cycles. I got into real estate in the middle of a downturn, and I’ve worked in the industry through recessions and booms. It all began with my father sending me articles clipped from the L.A. Times about where the market would go, reminding me never to assume that anything in this business was permanent. That’s a lesson I took to heart, and this year, I’d like to share it with you, the inquiring rental owners and property managers of the greater Los Angeles area. Let’s talk about what’s to come in the rest of 2022 and how it might affect each different type of rental owner.

The Importance Of Having A Reliable Manager For Out-Of-State Properties - Forbes February 16, 2022
I’m a property manager by trade, but I’ve also dabbled in the ownership of rental assets over the years. One property I used to own was a mixed-use building in Georgia, where I learned the hard way the severe toll harsh weather can take on real estate. The local management company I had hired to care for the house hadn’t been very responsive to phone calls about minor maintenance issues, but I didn’t truly see the effects of their inability to act until I faced a major one. During a storm, the basement of the house started flooding, and as the water level approached the exposed electric circuitry on the ceiling, I was 2,200 miles away and going straight to voicemail.

Building A Winning Team In Property Management - Forbes December 13, 2021
The sports adage, "Your team is only as good as its weakest player," can be applied to any industry, but it’s especially true of property management. Excellent property management requires a joining of professionals with vastly different skill sets who are all working toward the same goal: maximizing the quality and profitability of their clients’ investments.

Checking Tenants' Credit In A Post-Pandemic Reality - Forbes September 14,, 2021
Researching the credit of rental applicants is essential to choosing the most qualified tenant for a unit, now more than ever. Credit can’t tell you everything you need to know about an applicant, but historically, it has provided important information in the selection process. However, the pandemic has complicated things where credit is concerned.

What The New Roaring '20s Could Mean For Real Estate Investors - Forbes June 17, 2021
As life slowly but surely returns to normal just in time for summer, a sort of thaw is taking place across the country. After a year and change of isolation, Americans are resuming public activities they once took for granted with renewed gratitude and aplomb. This mounting excitement for things to come has extended to the stock market, with experts forecasting a strong rebound to usher in a second “Roaring '20s.”

Property Managers: Become Your Client's Trusted Advisor - Forbes May 12, 2021
As a professional property manager, you may have encountered a new type of property owner in the market. This class of owner is confident in every aspect of their investments without having to stress the minutia of day-to-day work on them.

A Post-Pandemic Game Plan For Property Managers - Forbes 2-12-21
As with any great hardship, the best we can do with this one is to learn from it and let it prepare us for anything that might come in the future.

Three Ways Property Owners Can Mitigate Mold Risks - Forbes 12-1-20
You’re better off spending time and attention on preventing it from happening than on handling the fallout after it does.

What Property Managers Should Know About Cost Segregation - Forbes 09-01-20
Learning to save property owners money through investment is just as important as learning to save them money on maintenance.

Dismantling 'Us Versus Them' In Landlord-Tenant Relationships - Forbes 06-24-20
We should all choose to stop seeing the tenant-landlord relationship in “us versus them” terms because it just isn't that simple.

The Property Manager's Guide To Navigating These Uncertain Times - Forbes 05-15-20
If we all do our part, we can ease the strain of this difficult time and come out of it improved.

How Property Management Can Increase Resale Value Forbes 03-17-20
Excellent property management can substantially increase your property’s eventual sale value.

Four Questions To Help You Decide If It's Time To Remodel Your Commercial Property Forbes 01-22-20
If you can answer yes to all four questions, you’re already on the path to revamping your commercial space, improving its work environment and significantly increasing your rental profits.

Habitability And Liability: How Property Managers Can Protect Owners Forbes 11-21-19
The surest way to keep your tenants safe and keep you out of court is to entrust professionals whose job it is to prevent these common disasters.

How Los Angeles Landlords Can Recoup Up to 50% Of Seismic Retrofit Cost From Tenants Forbes 09-19-19
Preparing your building for an earthquake by retrofitting it to code isn’t just the right thing to do for your tenants’ safety — it’s also the law.

Communications 101: Including Interactions Between Property Managers and OwnersForbes 8-9-2019
The importance of open communication between a property manager and the property owners they represent cannot be overstated.

Live, Laugh, Lease: Four Essentials For Accidental Landlords - Forbes 07-05-19
Don’t become somebody else’s leasing horror story.

The Star Treatment: How To Manage Luxury Properties In Style - Forbes 06-03-19
These practices and principles can help you earn the trust of owners across generations.

Going Above And Beyond In Property Management - Forbes 05-10-19
Consistently going above and beyond for your clients leads to the most beneficial long-term professional relationships.

Six Steps To (Near)-Perfect Property Maintenance - Forbes 04-17-2019
Streamlined, thorough and effective — if these words describe your maintenance work, they’ll likely also describe your property management company.

Five Ways To Facilitate A Smooth Transition As The New Property Manager - Forbes 03-14-2019
Transitioning units into your care is the first task a new client will see you complete, so make the right impression.

Five Essential Steps For Property Managers To Take During Move-Ins And Move-Outs - Forbes 02-15-2019
Through strict organization and clear communication, property managers can streamline the move-in and move-out process and avoid costly mistakes

Five Practices From The Winning Manager's Playbook - Forbes 01-07-2019
Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to new heights of effectiveness in management.

The Landlord's Guide To Service Pets: An Overview - Forbes 12-14-2019
It’s crucial for landlords to know the ins and outs of this system.

Three Tips For Top-Tier Tenant Selection - Forbes 10-24-2018
Quality tenants are worth the added work and wait.

Triple Net Lease Owners: Don't Lose Out To This Common Problem - Forbes 10-1-2018
Triple net leases come with their own set of unique risks and challenges for landlords. Read the most common issue these leases pose, and how wise landlords can navigate it.

Two Potential Pitfalls For Accidental Landlords To Avoid - Forbes 8-17-2018
Avoiding these pitfalls can save you innumerable headaches, and give you the foundation you need to move forward profitably with your property.

Repealing Costa-Hawkins Can Only Make Things Worse For California Residents - Forbes 7-13-2018
Repealing Costa-Hawkins would mean eliminating the current regulations on rent control, opening the door for city governments to impose their own rent regulations on newer buildings, and allowing for the possibility of vacancy control.

Managing Your Property Manager - Forbes 5-7-2018
Ask these three questions to ensure your property manager is protecting your investment the way you expect.

How to Get Your Tenants to Help Pay for Major Improvements - Forbes 4-3-2018
Property owners in some areas may be missing out on some big financial perks.