Tenant Selection

Our high quality tenant selection criteria puts the best tenants in your units.High-quality tenant selection criteria doesn’t just fill your vacancies. It brings in tenants who stay longer and pay more each month. Choosing the right tenants to rent to can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Background Vetting

We run an in-depth background check on all prospective tenants. We also use an eviction search that spans the whole country in scope, identifying any evictions the prospective tenant has been subject to. If you use a state-limited eviction search, you could easily wind up renting to somebody who’s been evicted a dozen times in other states.

We call not only the most recently listed landlord on a tenant’s application, but also the one before that, and even a third if possible. We ask if the tenant was ever late on rent, if the police were ever called to the tenant’s unit and if the tenant ever in any way violated their lease agreement.

Profitability With Longevity

We work hard to maximize quickness and efficiency, but we don’t favor fast over thorough. What’s more important to you as an owner: finding tenants who move in immediately, or finding tenants who pay higher rent for a longer time? Plenty of owners and managers boast of their ability to fill units at lightning speed, without considering the fact that they might be leaving money on the table. Speed is secondary to finding tenants who will pay the rent your property is worth, and who will furthermore stick around for years to come. This leads not only to higher profits for owners, but to the peace of mind that comes with not having to advertise vacancies every year.

Our tenant selection process is part of what helps us embody our motto: Excellent property management doesn’t cost. It pays.™


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