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When Should I Consider Hiring a North Hollywood Property Management Company?

As a landlord or rental property investor in North Hollywood, you've likely considered hiring a North Hollywood property management company. Now, there are such things as landlords who, with the assistance of an employee such as a resident manager, are totally capable of handling the daily operations of their properties. But for most, there are certain aspects of the management business that they either don’t want to deal with or simply lack the skills and experience required to do the job properly.

For that second group of individuals who have finally realized they need help, Los Angeles Property Management Group is here to assist you.

North Hollywood Property Management CA

Commercial property we proudly manage in North Hollywood.


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    “David Crown and LAPMG set the standard for professional and personable care. From the moment we first inquired about their suitability, this company has gone above and beyond anything we could have imagined to meet and exceed our needs for our properties. I give LAPMG my highest, unreserved recommendation.”
    – Robert Wolff

    “My wife Pat and I have been fortunate to own and manage apartment buildings in the Los Angeles Area. We decided to test several management companies by dividing our assets between them. The winner was LAPMG, now managing all of our properties. We receive our accounting on the 10th of each month or sooner. LAPMG is responsive and is an excellent manager. You do not have to do the test we did. You can trust LAPMG to do an excellent job for you."
    - Carl Feldstein, Broker & Investor

    “I’ve worked with Los Angeles Property Management Group, and know I can rely on them and trust in their work.”
    – Laurie Lustig-Bower, Executive Vice President of CBRE

    “LAPMG has managed our portfolio to great results for four years now. We trusted them with a major re-roofing project on our eight-unit apartment building in Glendale, which required extensive tear-off, removal, and replacement. On budget, on time. Thank you LAPMG.”
    – Patrick Shandrick, Glendale Apartment Owner

    “I was tired of managing my own property, so I hired LAPMG to take over management in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. They handled a repair for me the very same day I signed. I’m glad I chose them.”
    - Amy Chenowith, Apartment Building Owner

    “The best business decision I ever made was hiring the Los Angeles Property Management Group five years ago."
    – Cathy Jaquess, Rental Property Owner

    "LAPMG is the best management company I have worked with for the past 15 years."
    -Reza Ghobadi, Senior Vice President, Ghobadi Multifamily Investment Team, Colliers International

    For over two decades, we have served landlords and rental property owners throughout the greater Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas.

    During that time, we have handled the needs of investors and owners of apartment complexes and commercial properties alike.

    If you are currently working with another North Hollywood property management company and aren't completely satisfied with the work of your current manager, let us earn your trust and your business.

    North Hollywood Property Management

    North Hollywood Property ManagementAs an industry leader, we are aware of the reluctance that many landlords and rental property investors may feel when it comes to turning their rental units over to complete strangers. But rest assured, our reputation speaks for itself. We can provide you with references that will testify to that fact. There are a number of reasons to hire a professional North Hollywood property management company, including:

    • you don’t want the hassles involved with being an employer
    • you have a limited amount of time to devote to managing your properties
    • you have numerous rental properties to contend with
    • you live too far away from your properties to manage them effectively
    • you really aren’t the hands-on management type of individual
    • your time is more valuable than the cost involved with hiring a property manager

    These are all valid reasons to consider hiring Los Angeles Property Management Group as your North Hollywood property management partner.

    Benefits of Hiring Our North Hollywood Property Management Service

    Most individuals who approach us about managing their properties typically do so for the reasons mentioned above. But overall, they are searching for a management company that will help increase their property’s value, maximize their profits, and protect their investment.

    Five benefits of hiring the Los Angeles Property Management Group:

    1. better class and quality of tenants
    2. cost-effective maintenance and repair fees
    3. effective accounting and tax assistance
    4. fewer legal problems
    5. higher tenant retention, lower turnover

    While those are standard benefits that you should experience with any North Hollywood property management company, it's not always the case. There are newer property management companies, who cannot match our experience and expertise.

    We've managed property in North Hollywood for 25 years.

    We manage both residential and commercial property in North Hollywood.

    Managing Your Property Manager eBook

    How can you really know when you’re getting great management?

    Excellent property management delivers the highest profits and superior care for your property.  Learn what questions you should ask.

    We offer certain personal benefits, when you hire our firm to handle things for you. A idea of our personal benefits include:

    • Additional freedom – Having a property management partner enables you to live and travel whenever and wherever you choose; without having any constraints on your time. Some of our clients spend part of their year living overseas.
    • Far less stress and worry – When you hire our North Hollywood property management team, you’ll have peace of mind. It comes from knowing that your investment has been safely entrusted to a company that will protect it around the clock.
    • More time available to do what you need or want to do – For most investors, time is money, as well as a precious commodity. We know that your time can be spent much more profitably in other areas of your business and personal life. This is possible with Los Angeles Property Management Group managing your rental units.

    The above may be hard to comprehend, if you haven’t experienced what your life would be like by hiring a property management company. However, you can expect these personal benefits when you partner with the right North Hollywood property management company.

    We currently manage properties in North Hollywood on Embassy Terrace, Whipple Street, Fair Avenue, and Cahuenga Boulevard among others in the 91601 and 91602 zip codes. We like to catch screenings in the Noho Arts District, and stop at Tacos Manzano for lunch. We're proud to serve the property owners of North Hollywood, and would relish the opportunity to bring your property under our care.

    If you would like more information regarding our company, we encourage you to contact the Los Angeles Property Management Group. We are happy to share the services we provide. Call at your earliest convenience.

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