Recent Reviews

"I also wanted to thank you again for all the assistance recently (and in the past) and for making my experience with LAPMG as great as it has been! It’s been very appreciated and has made me feel a rare sense of ease as an owner. I could not have asked for better and felt the need to say so. I hope that other owners and tenants have also expressed their appreciation!" - Aishath N.

"David Crown and LAPMG set the standard for professional and personable care. From the moment we first inquired about their suitability, this company has gone above and beyond anything we could have imagined to meet and exceed our needs for our properties. I give LAPMG my highest, unreserved recommendation."
- Robert Wolff

“My wife Pat and I have been fortunate to own and manage apartment buildings in the Los Angeles Area. We decided to test several management companies by dividing our assets between them. The winner was LAPMG, now managing all of our properties. We receive our accounting on the 10th of each month or sooner. LAPMG is responsive and is an excellent manager. You do not have to do the test we did. You can trust LAPMG to do an excellent job for you."
- Carl Feldstein, Broker & Investor

“I’ve worked with Los Angeles Property Management Group, and know I can rely on them and trust in their work.”
- Laurie Lustig-Bower, Executive Vice President of CBRE

"Ashley has been wonderful through this entire process with helping to list the property at 970 Palm Avenue, getting momentum with multiple interested potential tenants and showings, doing her due diligence and background checks, presenting me with the best options, and doing all follow-up with the HOA to make sure we have clickers/keys etc. She even called today and requested installing blinds on behalf of the new tenant, and it's a huge relief they can be done quickly and correctly. We attracted a tenant so quickly my head was spinning, and her follow-up and attention to detail is amazing."
- Colleen Naban, Rental Property Owner

"Sean and I closed on the sale of our property on Monday. We are no longer the owners, which is admittedly a little strange. We wanted to thank you and your team for 6+ years of great service and help with the property. It wasn’t easy for us to manage the property from afar for years, but it got easier when we brought LAPMG on board. The team at LAPMG was a big help to us in getting rent on time from our tenants and getting timely repairs for our tenants. It seems a little basic, but when you’re 3000 miles away like Sean and I were, even the basics can be difficult! Please share our thanks with the rest of the LAPMG team that helped us with the property!"
-Jason Sanchez, Apartment Building Owner

"I was tired of managing my own property, so I hired LAPMG to take over management in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. They handled a repair for me the very same day I signed. I'm glad I chose them."
-Amy C, Apartment Building Owner

"The best business decision I ever made was hiring the Los Angeles Property Management Group three years ago. I’m a 4-unit rental property owner, and I'm extremely pleased with their service. If you are stressed from dealing with vacancies, screening tenants, repairs, maintenance and calls at all hours of the day and night, then LAPMG is the company for you. Their motto is 'Excellent property management doesn’t cost. It pays.' And it's true. They are worth the monthly commission."
- Cathy Jaquess, Rental Property Owner

"I’m incredibly happy with LAPMG. Hiring them is one of the best decisions I’ve made in 30 years. I have to plug Claudia: she's such a hard worker, so efficient, so on top of everything, and she really helped me get through the mess with my other manager. She's a blessing, as is Stephan. Everybody has been fantastic. I've managed all of my own property for years, but after deciding to move out of town, I knew I needed to hire a company I could depend on to oversee my house in Silverlake and two apartment buildings in Echo Park. LAPMG has provided excellent service, with Arlene taking the time to go over intricate details with me on the phone every week. They’ve proven that I can rely on them, and I’m always confident in their work."
- Lisa Thomas, Apartment Building Owner

"I found out about LAPMG after reading one of David Crown's articles in the AOA Magazine. I held onto the article, and when I eventually decided I didn't want to manage my property anymore, I reached out to him. He took the time to explain everything LAPMG would do for me, and it's been exactly what he said it would be. I get a call when I need to, and they respond to all my emails on time. I don't feel stressed out anymore, agonizing over repairs and maintenance issues. I'm free from managing and collecting rent, free from being inundated with all the tenant issues attached to late and partial rent payments. LAPMG is swift to take care of it all. The team is very effective, competent, and cost effective, and I am totally delighted to have them manage my property."
- Gloria Brewer, Long Beach Apartment Building Owner

“LAPMG is a long-time AppFolio customer and champion.  From participating in customer panels to engaging with our Product teams on new features, they have been an invaluable partner over the years.  I have truly enjoyed working with them and watching the company grow!"
- Cassandra Harter, Customer Success Account Manager, AppFolio

"LAPMG has managed our portfolio to great results for ten years now. We trusted them with a major re-roofing project on our eight-unit apartment building in Glendale, which required extensive tear-off, removal, and replacement. On budget, on time. Thank you LAPMG."
- Patrick Shandrick, Glendale Apartment Owner

"Due to changes in our family's circumstances, we found ourselves suddenly in need of a rental management company for our apartment buildings. I went online to look for a company with the best reviews. I spoke to David Crown on the phone and immediately liked him. We introduced him to my Dad, who was very reticent to hand over the keys of his buildings to a rental management company after working on the buildings himself for so many years. But much to our, surprise Dad really liked David and he allowed David and his crew to take the reins. They have been excellent. LAPMG is so professional and totally covers all the bases. My phone calls are always answered promptly and maintenance is run like clockwork. If an apartment is up for rent, it is freshened up quickly and rented promptly to qualified tenants. Everyone sincerely cares about doing their jobs well. I have total trust in this company and look forward to working with them hopefully for years to come."
- Wendy Widell, Apartment Building Owner