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3 Indications that Your Property Management Company is not doing what You pay Them to do

Landlords and real estate investors are always hopeful that the property management companies they hire will do the best job possible and be worth the money they are being paid. After all, you’re paying them to oversee your rental properties, manage the daily operations, and ensure that your best interests are always protected. However, no […]

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What to look for when searching for the right help with property management Los Angeles

  Excellent reputation speaks for itself. Los Angeles Property Management Group has been managing retail, industrial and office properties for decades in Southern California. Our vast experience in delivering the highest profits becomes your advantage fast when we go to work managing your commercial property. Whether you’re in the middle of a purchase and need […]

Why should I Hire a Commercial Property Management Company?

Many investors purchase commercial property such as retail shopping space in the hopes of it being a lucrative, richly rewarding venture and quickly discover how labor intensive and time-consuming it truly is. If you were thinking you could just sit back and watch that retail space print money, you were greatly mistaken. If you haven’t […]

Helpful Tips for selecting the right Property Management Firm

While purchasing rental property can be an excellent investment as well as a lucrative income opportunity, many individuals are not cut out for hands-on management and being a landlord. Needless to say, investors that own several properties quickly find out how maintaining and managing them can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. Hiring the right Los […]

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Business Edition – How to Find a GREAT Property Management Company in Los Angeles

  David Crown Interviewed for Business Edition I’m often approached by owners that aren’t sure about whether they should let go of their own management, or maybe they’re thinking about making a change away from a company they’re just not satisfied with.  We understand both types of owners. Author LAPMG View all posts

What separates a Great Property Management Team from an Average One?

The common misconception among many landlords and rental property owners today is that all Los Angeles property management companies are created equally. While this mentality may be based on past experiences, it is definitely not the case. Although a property owner may be able to save a few dollars by partnering with a property management […]

How Landlords benefit from Property Management Companies

If you are considering a Los Angeles property management company, it’s almost certain that landlords and rental unit owners are going to benefit when they partner with the right team. These teams of specialists provide the highest quality property management services while offering the most competitive pricing at the same time. As a landlord or […]

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Satisfied clients just …from Los Angeles Property Management

Celebrated zero vacancies in their portfolio of nearly 300 apartments. Got a $9,100 refund from a utility company. Found a year of rent deposited into their bank account just three weeks after giving us their home to rent. Click here for details… Author LAPMG View all posts