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Is your home ready to rent?

Getting Your Los Angeles Property Ready to Rent | Property Management Tips

Before you even begin to advertise your property, you need to make sure it’s ready to rent. It has to be in the best possible condition to attract high quality tenants and to ensure that it doesn’t sit vacant on the market for too long. Author LAPMG View all posts

Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate Investing | Los Angeles Property Management Advice

Most property owners involved in real estate investing focus on either commercial or residential properties. At Los Angeles Property Management Group, we provide both residential property management in Los Angeles, and commercial management. We’re sharing some thoughts about the difference in these investment types, and why you might consider commercial properties now. Author LAPMG View […]

What to Look for in Commercial Property Management

What to Look for in Los Angeles Commercial Property Management

When looking for commercial property management services in Los Angeles, you’ll want to find some different qualities in your commercial property manager as compared to what are commonly found in residential managers. Commercial property requires Author LAPMG View all posts

How to vet a property management company

How to Vet a Property Management Company in Los Angeles, CA

When you hire a property management company in Los Angeles, you want to look for a team of professionals who are committed to doing everything they can to secure your investment property. That means seeking out the best in the business when it comes to a few specific talents. Author LAPMG View all posts

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Managing Through Clean-up of Contaminated Soil

  Challenge: Several years ago, we were selected to manage a commercial property, and also oversee its soil contamination clean up. Theproperty had previously been a dry cleaners, and was on the verge of being required to test for poisonous airborne vapors. If the air was found to contain an excessive amount of toxins, the […]

Property Management Maintenance

Tenant Damage or Normal Wear and Tear on a Rental Property | Tips for Investors in Los Angeles, CA

Understanding the difference between tenant damage and normal wear and tear is an important part of property management in Los Angeles. According to California law, landlords cannot deduct money from a tenant’s security deposit for normal wear and tear. When a tenant moves out and you’re trying to determine whether or not to return that […]

Best Tips for Reducing Cost on Your Rental | Property Management Advice in Los Angeles, CA

  One of the best way for investors to increase the profits they earn on their rental properties is by reducing the costs associated with that property. There are a few things you can do to keep your expenses low and your returns high. Author LAPMG View all posts

First Impressions: How Photography Can Help Sell Your Property

How to Maximize Your Rental Income – Los Angeles Property Management Education

Today, we’re sharing a few tips that will help you increase the amount of rent you collect from your tenants.  To maximize the rental income on your investment property in Los Angeles, you’ll need to do a few specific things before you put the home on the market . Author LAPMG View all posts

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How to Hire a Good Property Manager in Los Angeles, CA

Smart property owners and investors know that hiring a professional property management company to place tenants and maintain the investment is a great way to maximize your returns and keep your costs low. However, not all property management companies are the same. When you’re looking for one to represent you, make sure you choose carefully. […]