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The Property Manager’s Checklist for Tenant Move-In and Move-Out

Moving in LA can be overwhelming for both tenants and property managers. However, proper planning and organization can make the process smooth and efficient. Whether it’s a new tenant moving in or an old one moving out, having a comprehensive checklist in place can help ensure that everything is handled effectively. This guide will provide […]

Checking The Air Quality Of Your Rental Property Before Leasing It To Tenants

Checking The Air Quality Of Your Rental Property Before Leasing It To Tenants

Checking The Air Quality Of Your Rental Property Before Leasing It To Tenants Whether you’ve found your first rental home and are preparing to rent it out for the first time, or you’re scheduling property maintenance for your rental property, the chances are you will be busy arranging a property inspection. Before renting a property, a […]

LA Apartment Developers Meeting the Need for EV Charging Stations

The LA Planning Commissioner recently imposed a request for a new apartment development to include electric vehicle chargers in at least a fifth of the parking bays in the building. According to the project manager, without adding the 90 chargers, it would have been much more difficult to sell all the apartments. The use of electric vehicles […]

How To Tailor Marketing Strategies For Vacancies At Your Unique Property

This article was published in Forbes on 2/29/2024 Marketing hinges on specificity. If all products and services could be marketed the same way, that would defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it? You wouldn’t try to sell a vintage Chevy Blazer by showing a trailer for it in movie theaters across America, just like you wouldn’t advertise […]

Common Rental Scams and How to Avoid Them

Common Rental Scams and How to Avoid Them

Common Rental Scams and How to Avoid Them If you’re renting an apartment, it’s hard enough to find a good one without worrying about the common rental scams and bogus adverts. However, this is a common occurrence. Even the shrewdest of us can fall victim to rental scams. Scammers are taking more advantage of potential […]

No Garage Space In Your LA Apartment? Here’s Where to Store Your Extra Vehicles

Living in an apartment in LA can be an exciting experience, but if you’re a car enthusiast, it can be challenging to find a place where you can store or work on your vehicles. While you can certainly negotiate for a parking space at your apartment complex for your main vehicle, it may be difficult to get […]

Which is Best to Buy: One Bedroom or Two Bedroom Apartment?

Congratulations, you’ve finally built the courage and decided you want to be a landlord in Burbank. You even have the budget for it too. The question therefore is not “to be or not to be” but whether you should buy a one bedroom or two bedroom apartment. Some may ask what’s the difference whether you […]

Understanding and Managing Tenant Expectations During Relocation

Relocating tenants can be a challenging process for both landlords and renters. Many factors must be considered to ensure a smooth transition from finding a new property to packing up and settling into a new place. One important aspect of relocation that often gets overlooked is managing tenant expectations. As a result, his article will […]

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Can Tenants Sue You for not Repairing a Leaking Roof?

  With the recent downpour hitting roofs across Southern California, many landlords are starting to consider the prospects of getting sued by their tenants for a leaking roof. While a leak in your property’s roof may sound trivial, the legal consequences can be anything but. The short of it is, yes they can sue you. […]