Why May 12th Matters

May 12th wasn't necessarily a unique day for Los Angeles Property Management Group, but it was the type of day we take pride in.

On May 12th we received glowing Yelp reviews from both a property owner and a tenant within hours of each other. We believe this combination highlights our commitment to delivering the best possible management experience to both our clients and the people whose homes they provide. We make life easier for our clients by improving their profits and navigating the stresses of property ownership for them, and we make life easier for our tenants by responding to them promptly with care. We're working toward making every day like May 12th. Read both reviews in full below.

I have been extremely happy with Los Angeles Property Management Group. I was fortunate enough to get a recommendation through somebody very powerful in the apartment owners industry to help me to find them.

- Lisa T.

Eddie Garcia from LAPMG is amazing! Super helpful and always professional. He helped me with my move out process and it was smooth and easy. Thanks Eddie!

- Avery W.