Property Management Companies San Fernando Valley

When you have a valuable asset, such as income property, you want to be sure that it is protected and managed efficiently and professionally. The Los Angeles Property Management Group leads the industry in property management companies San Fernando Valley. With our team of highly trained agents you will have  peace of  mind knowing that your property is well maintained and occupied   Reap the benefits and never worry about dealing with vacancies and tenants. Put us to work for you and rest easy that you are well represented.

Every aspect of the rental process for your property is in the expert hands of Los Angeles Property Management Group. Every detail is dealt with by professionals with over 20 years of experience in the field. In a fast paced, highly competitive market such as Los Angeles, you can’t afford to enlist less that the best. We will keep your property rented with great tenants and keep your profits high. No property management companies in the San Fernando Valley can offer what we have for you. Our services go above and beyond what is required and our dedication is fantastic, bar none.

When your property is vacant, you don’t get paid; neither do we. Your fees for our services are only paid when we have your property rented. So, this motivates us to keep a trustworthy, responsible tenant in your place year round. We have a highly sophisticated screening program for potential tenants that include criminal background check and proof of income to insure their ability to pay. We make regular visits to your property to confirm that it is being cared for and protected. All tenant relations are handled our courteous team.

This exciting industry is constantly changing and it takes a concentrated effort to keep up.  Legislation, licensing, insurance requirements, tenant/landlord obligations, tax assessments and zoning and code issues are enough to drive anyone crazy. Maintaining websites, virtual tours, answering e-mails and new social media tools take hundreds of hours of work. But, you will never be bothered with any of this. This is the responsibility of our team as it acts on your behalf.

We are proud of our reputation among property management companies San Fernando Valley and work constantly to maintain our #1 status. Cutting edge technology is employed to maintain the strictest adherence to all conditions of your tenant lease.  We are available 24/7 to your tenants for maintenance or repairs. And, we are available 24/7 to you for any concerns you may have. Any communication technique you are accustomed to can be used; telephone, e-mail or text, we are connected.

Contact us now and put your worries to rest and your mind at ease. We are here to optimize your profit as the leading property management company in San Fernando Valley and put you in the money.