Los Angeles Property Management News

How Technology will impact the Property Management Industry

Interestingly enough, technology has found its way into the commercial and residential real estate markets as well as the property management industry. While the industry has seen some sizeable returns on investments in state-of-the-art technology, the following is a list of some of the current technology trends in both the commercial and residential real estate […]

Technology is making the Search for Rental Homes easier

Without a doubt, technology has made our lives considerably easier, especially where the benefits of using the internet are concerned. It goes without saying that this has made the search for the ideal single family home rental much simpler as well. Instead of driving around from one rental property to the next, you can browse […]

How our Leasing Software Technology to offer the best service to our clients

As a growing property management company, our priority at Los Angeles Property Management Group will always be to focus on delivering the very best ownership experience, which means the highest possible returns to our clients, serving our tenant’s needs fast, and caring for your property at the lowest cost in the industry. Simple. It’s reasonable […]

4 Tips for Finding the Best Tenants in Los Angeles

  As a property owner in Los Angeles and you have space to rent, whether it’s commercial or residential, one of the most important things to consider is your tenants. Here are a few hints for how to properly vet tenants and find people you can rely on to maximize income from your property.

3 Basic Questions to ask Your Property Management Team

Have you ever wondered how your current property manager or property management company is performing for you? It’s a valid question and it may even help you determine if it’s time to make a change. Remember this is a client-centered industry. So whatever a property manager or management company provides must be up to par. […]

4 Essentials To Look For in a Property Management Company

Property owners often get fed up with all the ins and outs of property management, which is why so many of these companies exist. There’s a competitive market out there, which is good for you since it means you’ll have lots of different options. However, some property management companies are better than others. When you’re […]

10 Key Elements of every Tenant Lease Agreement

In the state of California, standard lease and rental agreements explain the rules of the rental relationship between landlords or property managers and tenants. This should be viewed as a legal and binding contract. However, it is also an essential document that contains numerous business details including the amount of rent to be paid and […]

So Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want (The Apartment Down Low)

38 million Americans live in apartments today, and that number is only growing. With this increase, people living in them are starting to demand more. The standards for the apartment they will choose to call their home are on the rise, and it is important to know: What do they want? A recent survey conducted […]

3 Indications that Your Property Management Company is not doing what You pay Them to do

Landlords and real estate investors are always hopeful that the property management companies they hire will do the best job possible and be worth the money they are being paid. After all, you’re paying them to oversee your rental properties, manage the daily operations, and ensure that your best interests are always protected. However, no […]